DC Video Production Teams are Just Like Magicians

Video production teams have an extraordinary talent of bringing our imagination to life.

Why is a video production team like a team of magicians? Do they have unending power and long white beards?  Well, not exactly.  But as most of us know, real life magicians work with the power of illusion, and that is exactly how a video production team makes their magic.  Any commercial, live event, film, or whatever video product you can think of works using illusions to create spectacular entertainment.

Perhaps the most obvious magic is seen in movies. Let’s be real, those CGI monsters are becoming more detailed every year.  However, such motion graphics are all up to the post-production team and their own unique magical talents.

DC Video Production Magic | Video Production DC Mustafa, Director of Photography for TriVision Studios’ video production team focuses his camera.

DC Video Production Magic

The video production team can make their illusions happen with raw footage before any editing touches it.  If you think of the camera like an eyeball, it is easy to bend and twist reality.  For example, did you know that John Rhys-Davies, the actor who played the dwarf Gimli in the Lord of the Rings series, is the tallest of the cast, standing at 6’1”?  There was no way the post-production team could crop him to half his height. It was all up to the camera to make him appear to squat.  The same people can fabricate someone running at high speed or flying through the air, just by using the right props and camera angle.  If that’s not the work of a magician, I don’t know what is.

Of course, each member of the production team has their own special brand of magic they cast in order to finalize a complete project.  Do you see the backdrops and props being thrown around like weapons?  That is all thanks to the art director. There is also that one actor who actually looks like a mythical being.  Then there is the costume designer who makes all the actors in the production fit with the story line.

Thanks to the screenwriter,  the dialogue is smooth, relevant and perfectly timed. And how on earth can all this stay together in one harmonized shoot?  That is the director’s specialty who makes the entire production into one magic.

This is only a short list of those responsible for a video production. There are so many more magicians behind that camera practicing their magic.

You don’t have to travel far to find a Washington D.C video production team to create this magic. TriVision Studios‘ award-winning Washington D.C video production team has converted many ideas to the screen! Creating illusions for any advertising campaign or marketing strategy, TriVision Studios has done it all.  A project that clearly shows their carefully crafted illusions are advertisements for Bar-T Summer Camps.


The Bar-T Summer Camp advertisement takes the viewer back to the days when they were only a few feet tall.  Much of the ad is from a much shorter view—the view of a child.  For just a few seconds, the adults watching feel like a child again, reliving any fun memories they had while at a summer camp themselves.  These illusions that TriVision Studios’ video production team have fabricated reaches a person’s inner thoughts, connecting them directly to the ad without the viewer even realizing it.

That is the work of a true magician.


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