Three No-Brainer Website Design Tricks

Website design can make or break a business.

Website design is not something your organization or company should take lightly. Get this: when people click on your website, you only have five seconds to impress them enough to have them navigate your site and stay there.  In today’s connected world, your website is just like a business card. The internet is an arena of competitors who seek attention to their cause or business. Your website design is someone’s first impression of your brand – naturally you want to “WOW” them.  Here are some simple website design tricks that will give your website a competitive advantage on the internet.

1) All About User Experience aka UX

Website design is always based on some sort of structure. When creating your website design, it is crucial to have a well-structured navigation bar that will lead visitors to the information they need. Visitors browsing through the internet do not want to click around struggling to find the information they need.

Tease your visitors by revealing only a snippet of important information on the landing page. When visitors click on the link that directs them to more information, it will keep them on your website to learn more about what your company or organization does.

2) Call to Action

What do you want people to do next once they have gathered all the information they need from your website? Would you like them to call you? Request a quote? Place an order? Or do you simply want them to know more about your brand? When creating a website design, you must keep in mind the purpose of having a website in the first place.

A call to action must be noticeable. The most common places to put your call to action link is either on the navigation bar or on the landing page.

3) SEO is crucial

A good website design must keep in mind how its design will affect its search engine optimization (SEO) and rankings.  By simply improving your website design, there are ways that you can stand out from the clutter on the Internet and land on the first page of Google.  Simple ways like adding keywords to title tags, URL chains, H1 and H2 tags are just some ways to boost your websites SEO.

Creating a carefully crafted website design can solidify your credibility on the internet.  With thousands of competitors in the internet arena, having a polished website will not only attract more visitors, but also increase the likelihood that they will stay on your website.

Using the tricks listed above, TriVision Creative, a Washington DC marketing agency, was able to implement the website design and development for Pace Global, a Siemens Business. The structure and user experience of this website design was very carefully crafted, taking into consideration its vast content and different services.

For Integrio Technologies, formerly known as Spectrum Systems, TriVision not only did the naming and corporate branding for the firm but also their website design. Here, the “call-to-action” trick is used on the very first banner when you land on the page by announcing the company’s new name change using the button “Learn More”.

DC Website Design | 3 DC Website Design Tricks
TriVision, a Northern Virginia Marketing Agency, created the website design for Integrio.

Referral Coach is another client TriVision implemented a strategic website design for with a simple yet comprehensive structure that not only uses the call-to-action trick, but is also SEO friendly.

Even though these three no-brainer website design tricks only scratch the surface, they are some of the most important rules to remember when creating the best website for your company or brand.


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