Why is Digital Media So Addicting?!

Digital Media is everywhere and we still can’t get enough of it.

Digital media made the internet what it is today. In a world where content is king, the internet is a pretty wonderful kingdom. It’s a vast and elaborate community full of funny cat videos and almost everything else you can imagine (just be careful not to stumble into the weird part of YouTube after clicking through random videos late at night). By sharing moments and ideas, entertaining others, staying in touch with friends and family, and solidifying one’s identity and values, digital media is the reason why people love staying connected online.

Sharing ideas through digital media.

A report done by the International Telecommunication Union calculates that there are currently 3.2 billion people using the internet. One of the most significant impacts that digital media has done for humanity is bring us closer. A variety of content such as blogs, pictures, and videos expose us to different cultures and inspires others to come up with their own thoughts on issues happening around the world. Let’s be honest with ourselves – we’ve all tried a DIY project where we found somewhere on the internet. We love sharing things because it gives us a personal satisfaction knowing that we have found something that our friends might like or perhaps challenge conventional ideas.

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Digital Media is entertaining.

Do you or know someone who wakes up in the morning and the first thing they do is go on their smartphone or computer? It’s a pretty common habit people have picked up nowadays. A report published in an article on found that 80% of people check their phones within the first 15 minutes of waking up. Throughout the day, people will go online and shift through some form of digital media just to make their day a little less boring. Whether it’s watching Netflix or shifting through our friend’s Snapchat stories, the internet and technology will always have some sort of digital media to satisfy whatever entertainment we’re in the mood for.

Digital Media solidifies who we are.

No, I don’t mean that sharing cat videos makes you a crazy person. What we mean by this is that we share digital media with our family and friends based on our interests. For example, throughout the 2016 Presidential Election, we will see a lot of people sharing digital media from candidates that share their values and beliefs. Careful though with what digital media you do share because it may get misinterpreted and affect people’s perception of you.

In today’s tech savvy, more online world, digital media is no doubt an effective way to get your message out. Our team at TriVision Creative, a Washington, DC marketing agency, is constantly creating different types of digital media for its clients, from motion graphics videos to websites and social media channels. Whether it’s a government client like the U.S. State Department, or a furniture and interior design studio, Elegance Decor, we use digital media to effectively create compelling content and drive a message home (watch video below).


If you think the internet has too many cat videos these days, just wait until they make virtual reality cat videos. Knowing the internet, it’s probably out there already.


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