Logo Design As Told by Pirates and Hippies

Logo design has been around since humans were able to make fire. Think about it. Human stick figures and animals were symbols drawn on cave walls thousands of years ago to tell a story. From Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to Medieval tapestries to the 21st century Emoji’s, humans love to create symbols because they mean something to a collective group of people.

Humans have come a long way from making stick figures (we like to think so). Even here in Washington D.C, there are logo designs plastered on every government building. The importance of a strong DC logo design has become increasingly important because in today’s connected world, there are more eyes looking at the logo design and what it stands for.

Here are two simple ways to improve your logo design as told by pirates and hippies:

A DC Logo Design Must Stand Out

Imagine yourself sailing on a ship in the Caribbean. Clear water, bright blue sky, faint palm trees off on a distant island. You conveniently take out your telescope and take a closer look at those palm trees. Scanning the area, you notice another ship with a distinct black flag with a skull and cross swords clashing with the vibrant colors of the Caribbean.  The notorious Jolly Rodger can only mean one thing, Pirates.


DC Logo Design | Logo Design DC
The notorious Jolly Roger was a famous flag flown in the Caribbean in the 18th century.

Perhaps nothing struck more fear in the hearts of sailors that were traveling through the Caribbean in the 18th century than the fearsome Jolly Roger. The Jolly Rodger flag was flown by a number of pirates seeking fortune raiding Spanish and English ships sailing around the New World.

No flag is more straightforward and recognizable with their logo design than the Jolly Roger.  Seeing a human skull instills fear in people because it’s ghoulish.  A skull and cross swords on a black background grabbed the attention of 18th century sailors and sent shivers down their spines.

Sometimes, when a new organization or company wants to attract attention, they rock the boat a little bit with unique logo designs to distinguishing themselves from the competition.

A DC Logo Design Must Mean Something.

Example: Peace Symbol

When ideas are turned into logo designs, they become more valuable than just random shapes. What was originally the logo design for the campaign for nuclear disarmament, and the fact that the peace symbol was never trademarked, made people begin to use it more commonly for anti-war protests across the globe. Thus making the peace symbol a universal code for peace.


DC Logo Design | Logo Design DC
Known as the original logo design for nuclear disarmament, now a universal code for peace.

Something interesting about logo designs are that they transcend past language barriers. Funny how a few shapes can translate ideas through borders, culture, and even time. Logo designs are powerful stuff.

Following the two simple principles above, our creative team at TriVision is able to establish a unique and significant logo design for many companies and organizations – be it commercial, government or non-profit.

We did the logo design for Oqaab, Afghanistan’s first digital broadcasting service when it was first launched in Afghanistan in 2014. Aside from spearheading its entire nationwide marketing strategy campaign, TriVsion Creative’s diverse international team was able to strategically create a brand name and logo design that was not only fresh, modern and sleek, but also appealed to its target Afghan audience.

DC Logo Design | Logo Design DC
TriVision Creative designed Oqaab’s logo design and launched a strategic nationwide marketing campaign for them.

Our team at TriVision Creative may not be made up of a bunch of pirates and hippies (at least not that we know of), but we like learning about the history of what makes a logo design good and effective. Here in Washington DC, history is constantly being made. That’s why we strive to make sure that the logo designs we create will be understood and loved for generations to come. Now it’s your turn to make your own mark on history.



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