Establish your Digital Media presence

Everyone is obsessed with digital media platforms. And why shouldn’t they? It’s only the most convenient way to send a mass message while making it feel personal, plus it’s (mostly) free! Digital media makes it easier for companies to market themselves. Our TriVision digital marketing team in Northern Virginia simplified 2 phases how your company can be found online.

The first phase to directing people to your digital media content is brand awareness. People need to know of your existence, before searching your product or service on digital media platforms. The convenient thing about this step is that digital media can be used as a tool to direct audiences about the next step you want them to take (perhaps, leading audience to a website to learn more?).

Second phase is “googling it” or searching for more information online. Once someone knows of your existence, then it’s easier for them to look you up. As one of our employees once said, “You don’t exist if you can’t be found online”.

A good example of these two steps work together was the IT movie marketing campaign in Sydney. Red balloons were tied to storm drain covers in various parts of the city and read, “ IT is closer than you think. #ITMOVIE in cinemas September 7”. IT’s guerilla marketing tactic raised awareness and lead people to more digital media content using #ITMovie.

Think of these 2 phases when establishing your digital media presence.


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