Video Production Trend: Fast Ads

Making ads less than 60 seconds will help retain audience attention.

The digital world is changing constantly every day.  The fact that most of the people “don’t have time”, for almost anything, may be one of the reasons why the world is moving toward short and snappy video productions. Nowadays, a successful video production is the one that delivers concise and persuasive messages in just a few seconds.

Standards of producing effective videos are changing, one of them is the duration of the video. A keen video production still has to include music with its up and down beats that shakes the viewers’ attention within a few seconds such as various video productions created by our TriVision Studio Washington D.C video production team. Specifically, the one released for Oqaab, Afghanistan’s first digital broadcasting service company.

The Oqaab commercial utilizes music which make the viewers’ heart beat feel like it’s going along with the rhythm of the music. Also, a neat and creative design make a visually attractive message that is brief and to the point. To successfully reach the intended target audience, all of these standards have to fit into a short video duration.

To sum up, the faster the message can be delivered in a video, the more viewers can be reached. For your audience to watch the whole video, although it might be 10 seconds, all elements have to be created carefully. Remember, short and sweet videos are the future.


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