UX for Smart Watches

User experience is the key to every great computerized device. To keep up with evolving technology, companies are creating programs tailored specifically for smart watches, making it easier for clients to access different services. Our TriVision team has developed several applications that make accessing products/services easier. One effective way to increase user engagement is developing a great user experience.

A good user experience can be achieved through a mixture of elements: A fast loading speed means less frustrated users, rich content tailored to the client’s needs, and easier access to the services/products.

Using “Google Home” assistant on an Android wear is a great example of why UX matters. Through this small machine, you have control over everything in your house (and you want to make sure nothing malfunctions). Liron Damir, a veteran software designer and former Essential chief of user experience joined Google and now leads the team that designs Google Home products. Due to the rise of internet of things, companies have to think how to make everyday products easy to use.

Making an application accessible by a smart watch will make a great user experience. The easier the usage of services, the more clients are happier. Who wouldn’t like giving orders to a smart watch to pay his/her bill, order a product or make an appointment?



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