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Content Marketing 101: Influence the Market with an Emotional Appeal

As a creative marketing agency in Washington D.C., TriVision develops content marketing campaigns for small businesses, large multinational corporations, and government agencies every day.

How often is it that you log onto Facebook and countless videos pop up as you scroll through your timeline? At this day and age, it is almost inevitable to go an entire day without watching a video online.  We focus on engaging our audience’s emotions to captivate and collect their attention. As our motto goes, an idea communicated effectively can change the world. We asked our creative marketing storytellers at TriVision to share some of their insights on content marketing:

TriVision creates content marketing
Content marketing is all around us.

Content Marketing Tip 1: Easily convey your company’s individuality by telling a story

Every company is different. The storytelling method is a way to stand out and show off what your company values. Customers will feel more inept to reach out if they find the work you do is personable. We’re all humans here! Everyone likes to feel something sometimes.

Content Marketing Tip 2: Relate the story to your company

Often times, these emotional videos remain on our minds for the rest of the day. What better way to associate your brand with people’s train of thought? Not only will you be able to produce something the audience can be passionate about, you will stay on the mind of your viewers. Too many marketing campaigns go forgotten; this is how you stay remembered.

Content Marketing Tip 3: Hitting true, honest emotions

One major thing marketing teams do wrong when attempting to be storytellers is trying to relate a story to a product that has no business existing together. When it’s obvious that the emotional appeal is a little far out for your audience, don’t push them to feel something that is unrelated. Try to keep it relative and trendy.

Content Marketing Tip 4: Keep your customers coming back for more

Customers don’t come back to your website or search for your advertisement to see the logistics and statistics of your products; they come back because they were intrigued by how you were selling it. Maybe they even came back online to show their friends this incredible video. It’s more than numbers and charts and client reviews; it’s a movement towards something bigger than your company.

Creative visuals and content rather than listing facts and numbers goes a long way in the human brain; it is easier to remember a story than it is to remember facts. They will be back for more if you follow these concepts.

One of the most recent advertisements that will definitely grab your attention is one created for the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs by Kitchen Ad Agency located in Norway. This short video tells a story of a little boy who leaves the classroom, given it was lunch time and he had no lunch, only to come back to find food inside his previously empty lunchbox. The ad ends with the message, “Solutions are often closer than you think.” Now, that’s a message worth sharing.

Needless to say, given the chance to produce emotionally captivating content to market a product, your company should without a doubt partake.


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