Live Video Streaming is Not Just for Snapchat

Engaging your audience using live video streams is the new “It” tool in the game of marketing.

Video Streaming

How many of you have found yourselves lately tuning in to watch “Facebook Live” events? Whether it is some sort of “breaking news” on a news channel or one of your friends posting live videos from The Weeknd concert, it is no big secret that sharing video content is one of the fastest growing technology trends today.

Real-time matters and for marketers, it only makes sense to implement live video streaming as part of their marketing strategy to create engagement with their target audience.

Here are a few reasons and methods to integrate live video streaming as part of your marketing agenda:

1 Inform & Prepare

First and foremost, inform your audience about the upcoming live stream (marketing campaign strategy 101) . If they don’t know about it, they can’t join. An easy way to do this is through your company’s social media, or an email blast. Let your audience know what kind of information they will be obtaining. Then do some preparation yourself. Make sure you are ready for a live audience. Remember, you’re the expert.

2. Produce & Engage

This step is crucial. When you are ready to produce, make sure your company can fully satisfy your viewers. TriVision, for example, is lucky to have a video production team who can create a smooth experience for our audience. This includes producing content that has top quality viewing capabilities regardless of the different devices. After you have the production piece taken care of focus on engagement. Do so by gearing your video topics towards a specific audience. Pursue the clients that you want and know how to impact them. Engagement also involves answering questions, as you are live.

3. Evaluate & Progress

After you finish the live video, look to see how many viewers engaged during the stream. Learn from what went wrong and make adjustments in order to progress. This type of digital marketing will not be perfect but it is beneficial. Using this marketing tool will create a trustworthy reputation. Take the video and post it onto your website so viewers who could not attend the live stream are still able to engage.

As a Washington, D.C. based media production company, TriVision often gets asked to provide live webcasts of events we produce. Recently we handled the multi-camera video production and live web streaming for one of our clients, the United States Chamber of Commerce. During this live webcast, had you logged onto Facebook or YouTube, you would have been able to hear and watch in real time, the Public Hearing on U.S. Trade Deficits where U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, spoke about ways to reduce the United States’ billion dollar trade deficit.

The need for getting information instantaneously and in real time is ever growing. We as a society want immediate, authentic engagement and responses. Live video campaigns can do just that. Not only is this a more personable, human-like experience, it is also a way to achieve quick, easy business-client relationships.


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