Is it Time to Rebrand?

Thinking about rebranding? You’re not alone. Our branding experts at TriVision list common reasons to revamp your brand.

On any given day, you will come across many organizations who have the desire to rebrand. However, if you rebrand without purpose, you are doing more harm than good to your organization. But if you set a goal, rebranding can have a huge ROI. Below are top examples of why we think organizations choose to rebrand.

Rebrand to Change Old Perceptions

Burberry was once commonly associated with thugs. Yup, you read that correctly. In Europe, troublemakers were normally seen wearing Burberry clothing, thus creating negative PR for the clothing company. Burberry decided to rebrand their products with the help of celebrities like Kate Moss and Emma Watson. Highlighting the origin of their craft, Burberry wanted to remind audiences that they were fashion trendsetters. According to Business Insider, after rebranding, Burberry sales rose 27% in 2011.

TriVision Rebranding
Burberry Ad with Emma Watson

Rebrand to Reach New Audiences

In America, Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) beer is known for being inexpensive and commonly found at college parties; not an association most brands strive for. However, people in China perceive PBR as an artisan beer for upper middle class Chinese consumers. How? If you travel overseas, away from the keg stands, PBR is branded with sophistication. For example, ads for PBR look more like wine or whiskey ads. Rebranding PBR in a different country, has allowed them to sell the same tasting beer for $44 a bottle!

TriVision Rebranding international
PBR Ad in China

Evolving Company…Time to Rebrand!

When a company expands its services, products, or target market; or when two companies decide to merge together, it’s a great opportunity to unify two sets of values into a unified name. Take for example, our client Spectrum Systems and EMTEC Federal’s merger in 2015 to form Integrio Technologies. The new company needed a completely new naming and branding strategy. With the help of TriVision, a Washington D.C branding company, Integrio Technologies was able to better position themselves in a competitive industry.

TriVision redesign
Integrio Technologies’ branding style guide designed by TriVision

Rebranding is an exciting time for an organization. It rejuvenates life into your brand and keeps your brand current. It also is a great way to show that your business is growing. As long as your organization rebrands strategically and with purpose, people will likely connect with your brand in a positive way.


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