A DC Website Design Company Explains the Glitches in the Obamacare Site

Glitches in the Obamacare website show the administrators did not perform the essential checks before launching their website. In such an important website which has affected and will affect millions of people, there should have been more care in bug checking their software. The glitches in the Obamacare website design show the importance of launching a website correctly and here are a few simple steps in doing so, because properly working websites ensure happy customers.

Website Design Tips

1. Run a thorough functionality check to ensure everything works This is the number one thing you should always do before the launch of a website. It will be a major problem for both you and your website visitors if things do not work as they are supposed to. Go through your entire website to make sure things are labeled as they should be and that links and embedded videos work correctly and efficiently.

2. Make sure your website design works across different browsers It is a huge mistake to not make sure your website design works across browsers. Not everyone is going to have the same internet browser so making sure your website works across all browsers ensures more visitors for your site.

3. Make sure all your links work correctly and take the viewer where they want to go Nothing makes people angrier than a broken link. This test is easy to run and foolish to forget because it’s better for you to find glitches than your viewers. It will be more time consuming to fix the link after the launch of the website rather than before.

4. Don’t forget to back up your website After all the time and effort you put into making your website, the last thing you want to do is forget to back it up. Following this step will save you hours of work to ensure the security of the website design if something were to go wrong with the web.

In the launching of a website, it is essential to make sure you run these basic checks, because if there are glitches, it will become more frustrating to your viewers and more work for you.


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