A New DC Logo Design, The Washington Warriors?

The power of DC branding simply cannot be underestimated.

Nearly a month ago, we posted a blog to show what a talented artist did to redesign the 32 NFL team logo designs. Today, we present to you the winner of the new DC logo design and name for the Redskins should they ever decide to give in to the mounting pressure and rebrand their image.

Meet the Washington Warriors:

Proposed Washington DC Warriors Logo Design

San Francisco based design firm 99designs ran the contest a couple of weeks ago, in which the contest had three journalists suggest alternative team names (The Warriors, The Renegades and The Griffins) and then they let graphic designers submit logo designs.

Notice the design above incorporates two D.C. icons, the Washington Monument and the Pentagon, the letter “W,” and also brings to mind a warrior’s shield. The concept is clean and modern, and would work well across the board for branding and merchandising.

What do you think about the ‘Washington Warriors?’


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