2014 Brazil World Cup: Must Take Opportunity for Advertising Companies

Soccer ball with Brazilian flag on it.The 2014 Brazil World Cup is sure to have advertisers bring their ‘A’ game.

Come summer 2014, the games in Brazil will become the largest marketing pole in the world. With qualifiers for the cup almost ending, there are already 64 matches scheduled for 32 days.

Currently, there is a mad dash for advertisers to create the best ads possible to be marketed to a predicted audience of 32 billion people. Interest in soccer is at an all time high around the world, and these branded videos could attain millions of views, drive social conversations, and increase revenue of the marketing company.
Since soccer is played with 2 continuous halves of 45 minutes each, there is a very limited amount of time for broadcasting along with a hefty amount to pay for it.

Events of such magnitude like the Brazil World Cup will cause big name companies to compete head to head to secure the largest overall investment return. Although the games are still 9 months away, this is a painstaking time for advertisers to solidify the quality and the content of their perspective ads as to not regret their choices later. With the rise of social media, one slip up could go viral within minutes, but just as easily as a well- liked video.

For the money they are spending, corporations want to make sure their advertisement stands out from the rest. They want it to be something to be remembered weeks, months, and even years down the road. Companies want to make a lasting impression and the 2014 Brazil World Cup provides them with just that opportunity.


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