What Holiday Marketing Means to Your Business

Fresh off a threatening government furlough, we’re now preparing ourselves for the upcoming Halloween, the infamous Black Friday and the subsequent Christmas rush. This is the time of year where we kind of lose sight of time and get overwhelmed by the chaotic holiday season.

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Many businesses may not realize the importance of keeping their marketing content up-to-date and consistent with the changing holiday seasons. Not only does it add personality to your brand but it also engages with your customers and encourages them to approach you.

One of the most common things you could to do this is to invest in holiday themed decorations for your office or store front during the weeks leading up to that holiday.  This could be anything from having a giant Christmas tree at the lobby of your office to giving candy out to your customers or wearing a costume on the day of Halloween.

Example of Halloween Marketing Ad

Another way to use the holiday season to your advantage is to add attractive themed banners and marketing content to your website. For example, for the month of October, run a special sale promotion and call it “Halloween Spooktacular Sale”.  Send out an email blast with a Halloween banner to appeal to your online audience. While the extra discount may provide an incentive for customers to make purchases, it also creates a connection with them letting them know that you are just as excited at they are for Halloween.

Whether or not you carry holiday merchandise or provide related services, using these holidays to grab your customers’ attention is a great way to jump start your sales and increase traffic to your storefront.

Customers love when the businesses they support participate in their lives. Holiday marketing represents a subtle chance to do so, meanwhile also shows that your company is willing to evolve, reach out and ultimately have a bit of fun along.


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