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Helping Firms Land Business Opportunities in the U.S.


Embark Business Solutions is a DC-based consulting firm comprised of a diverse group of accomplished experts with the mission to assist businesses in entering the US marketplace. With a special focus on aerospace and defense, technology and cyber, healthcare, and government contracting industries, Embark serves as an ally for international brands looking to launch and grow their business in the U.S. Seeking assistance with the launch of the brand, specifically its branding and website development, Robert Gangi, Embark’s President and CEO, approached TriVision for help.



To initiate the launch of Embark Business Solutions, TriVision’s creative team embarked on the development of its brand strategy. How will the consulting firm differentiate from other competitors in the industry and how can we effectively communicate their unique position clearly to their target audience?
As part of the branding process, we also developed Embark’s visual identity which consisted of a logo design, color palette, typography, imagery, and all other pertinent representations of the brand’s aesthetics. Upon client approval of the final logo design, our team proceeded to establish a brand style guide ensuring the proper utilization of the new logo for all forthcoming marketing materials.

After completing the branding phase, our designers and web developers collaborated to create Embark’s new website. The result is a visually stunning one-pager site that effectively conveys Embark’s story and aligns with its new branding and goals. The adoption of a one-page website model brings forth numerous advantages, including simplified storytelling, enhanced loading speed, easier maintenance, and optimized conversions.


Through our collaborative creative and strategic efforts with the client, TriVision played a crucial role in successfully launching Embark Business Solutions as a trustworthy and powerful brand to attract international customers looking to invest in the U.S. market. As described by their president and CEO, Robert Gangi, “TriVision’s work is exceptional — innovative, targeted, and relevant.” Our team continues to engage with the firm as their creative marketing partner to help grow and expand the business.
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