Your Brand’s Name Should Stand Out From The Crowd


Changing the name of an established brand is a risky decision. 

Sean Combs launched his 24-hour music cable network Revolt TV on October 21st, in partnership with Comcast. Revolt TV is the latest venture of Combs, an entrepreneur who has found success in music as well as in fashion, liquor, marketing and more, helping him accrue a fortune that Forbes estimated in 2012 at $550 million.

Building a television brand is already challenging enough; however, Combs may have a smaller problem at his hands: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Throughout his entire career he went by four different names, including Puff Daddy, Diddy, and P. Diddy, which is a branding no-no. In an effort to promote Revolt TV, Combs said that when we search his four names online, they bring up a mash of different results.

If your business has a strong brand, then people are searching for your brand online. One way to attract that same user, who is searching for your brand, and build the value of your brand in search results, is by launching a .TV site which is an online video representation of your company. By doing so, not only will you have another authority and valued site which should rank highly for your domain name, but you will also be engaging your customers in a form of social media.


Businesses today, must take advantage of today’s Internet and expanding your brand presence online beyond the written word. By launching a branded .TV online video portal, you will not only secure your brand name in search results, but also driving indirect sales as these sites will push your name, push your message and drive phone calls or leads to your business from a channel which currently does not exist.

With the help of TriVision, we will help you make critical decisions to build and enhance your branding efforts. The name of your brand should quickly and easily equate to your company’s mission and brand of products and services. TriVision will work with you to ensure that the name of your brand stands out from the crowd in terms of visibility, frequency of use and durable impact in the marketplace.


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