A DC Marketing Agency, TriVision Creative, Hosts ‘Lunsford Day at Work’

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In April 2014, TriVision Studios hosted a group of excited 8th graders from J. Michael Lunsford Middle School for their third annual “Lunsford Day at Work.” The students had a great trip planned. TriVision gave the students a tour of the facility, introduced them to colleagues, and engaged them in a work related activity. We also answered questions about the company, defined our job roles, and our educational experience.

DC Marketing Agency – Website Development

To learn about careers and the work of our company, students were split into groups and visited three stations:  website development, creative & graphic design, and video production. Klaudia Strojec, our Web Developer, informed the students the work that is put in to developing a website. She discussed coding and design.

DC Marketing Agency | Marketing Agency DC

DC Marketing Agency – Graphic Design

Design Specialist Zainab Masumi discussed the work involved in conceptualizing, preparing, and producing designs for a wide variety of graphic art materials such as print publications, posters, charts, audio-visual presentations, computer graphics and many more. The students were then assigned a task to either come up with an alternative logo and a slogan for a top recognized brand (i.e. Nike) or make up their own company on paper. Three winners were selected by Creative Director Arsalan Lutfi, who explained the importance of details and how to make a logo/brand stand out from others.

DC Marketing Agency | Marketing Agency DC

DC Marketing Agency – Video Production

The best part of the 8th graders day was getting a hands-on experience of video production, led by Videographer Wais Jan in the green screen room. The kids learned the process of video production and were interviewed in front of the camera as well as sang and did skits.

TriVision Studios had an awesome time exposing the students to the communications world. We hope that seeing what it’s like to work at a company such as TriVision, they took their first step in creating a vision for success. While their dreams may change, it’s important for students to meet people who are successful in their chosen profession. Exposing kids of all ages to the workers world can broaden their perspectives and spur them to interesting careers.

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