A DC Markekting Company’s Client Causes a Stir at The Washington Post

DC Creative Marketing Campaign – Jerry’s “Sexy”Ads

Have you ever heard the phrase, there is no such thing as bad publicity?

A recent article on the Washington Post, written by Columnist John Kelly, puts our client Jerry’s Subs and Pizza on the spotlight by calling some of its recent TV ads “tasteless.” He compares Jerry’s past image as the “safe, neighborhood place to go to after a softball game” to now – “a place where Jerry’s wants to be the place we think of when we’re in the mood for women who play with their food.”

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Serving the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C, and Maryland regions since 1964, Jerry’s is a popular sandwich and pizza chain with over 140 locations. It has since undergone different ownership and most recently in 2013, it was bought by Blackstreet Capital Management that specializes in turning around distressed companies.

When the executives at Jerry’s first approached TriVision Creative, they wanted us to make ads that would shake things up and put Jerry’s back on the map. They knew times have changed and needed something that got people talking.

Rather than cowering back and apologizing for being called offensive, Jerry’s looked at this as a positive opportunity for their business. After all, the Washington Post had written an article about them. It was almost as if they were receiving free additional marketing and that “buzz” they were looking for to shake things up. Mission accomplished.

DC Branding – Know Your Viewers

This “sex sells” form of marketing is certainly not for everyone and does not fit every brand. For example, if your target audience is from an older generation, this may not resonate well with your viewers. However, Jerry’s knew they wanted to appeal to a male demographic and this commercial did just that.

As a result of the ad campaign, Jerry’s has seen an 18% growth in overall sales and still growing.

Stay tuned for our next commercial to be aired later this month on major TV channels such as ESPN, NFL Networks, Fox Sports, and Golf Channel throughout the DC metro area. This will be our forth collaboration with Jerry’s and trust us, you wont be disappointed.





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