It’s Football (Commercial) Time!

The weather is getting colder and competitive spirits are rising in workplaces and among friends across the nation, this can only mean one thing… it must be football season!

According to Adweek two thirds (64%) of U.S adults say they currently watch NFL football. This makes football by far the most watched program on American television.  In fact, CBS Sports tells us that nearly twice as many American’s tune in for football than for baseball. It’s safe to say America has a new favorite pastime.

To marketing and advertising agencies this means one thing; Prime commercial real-estate. The cost of commercial time during Sunday football nearly triples from regular prime time shows.

The upside? This assures that commercials are likely to be effective, fun, and enjoyable. Companies are not going to mess around when it comes to spending $627,300 for a 30-second spot.

Here are some of this year’s favorites among us here at TriVision.


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We can’t wait to see what the rest of football season has to offer!




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