Creating Movie Magic


No matter the movie (or newly released streaming shows) you’re excited about this summer, there are bound to be special effects. This doesn’t always mean fiery explosions and gunfire; some of the most important, yet subtle inclusions to a scene are done through the magic of a green screen.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, the popular Netflix show, House of Cards, is shot in Baltimore (an hour from our DC location) by Knight Takes King Productions. For budgetary and timing reasons, the show runners use green screen in many aspects of the show. The cars, for example, are all green screen- as well as the presidential inauguration scene too. Without the use of special effects, the inauguration would have taken weeks to set up and perform; however, with it, the House of Cards team was able to pull it off much easier.

At TriVision, we too use green screen studios to create details that we might not otherwise be able to easily achieve. During the production of our newsletter,TriVision Buzz, we used a green screen background to achieve the streamlined, modern newsroom look.

Shooting against a green screen provides a lot of good creative options for use in post-production. They provide flexibility in dealing with multiple locations. Rather than developing a set in different locations, you can use a green screen environment.

By using a green screen, you avoid having to wander around a set looking for props to add to the background. With these elements in mind, shooting against a green screen makes it worthwhile. All you have to do is prep for it!


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