Branding 101: Writing for Your Brand’s Voice

Every brand has a personality. Successful brands find their distinct voice and stick to it no matter what they’re creating. When you start writing for your brand, maintain a consistent style and tone to establish a voice that no one else has.

Brand voice can boil down your business to a few words, and is one of the most significant characteristics of your overall brand. Think Nike – they coined “Just Do It” and built a voice around this inspirational philosophy. Apple is another company with an unmistakable voice; you’d know them and their message anywhere. Every chance they get, Apple communicates their stand as the ultimate inspirer and innovator.

Need some more examples? Though their subjects compare, check out these companies and how their voices differ to suite their brands:

Venn diagram displaying the difference in brand voice between Call of Duty and The Department of Defense

Every time your brand communicates with its customers, you’re communicating not only the words you say but how you say them. Every word has many layers of meaning. So make them count!


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