Corporate Event Management and Cross Promotion

TriVision Creative's team attending a local corporate event

Have you ever discovered a product or service from one company that was introduced to you by another?

This is cross promotion at its simplest: marketing your product or service to customers of a related product or service.

It is hard enough as it is already to promote your product, and doing it alone can make things even harder on you and your business.

A great way to extend your target market and dip into other businesses’ customers is through events.

This marketing strategy can benefit both businesses because by promoting your products to each other’s customers, you both create an opportunity to expose your company to a new group of potential customers.

At TriVision, we hosted a cross-promotional event alongside the Dulles Chamber of Commerce. In exchange for the opportunity to gain new business from the professionals and representatives that attended, our studio space was utilized for the event at an affordable rate. The event was a success for both us and the Chamber of Commerce; we were able to gain a few new clients from the exposure, and the Chamber garnered new members.

Ultimately, this type of cross-promotion is done with the goal to see those customers who visit your business return. The next time a customer needs a creative studio handling their branding, they’ll be able to rack their brain to come up with our name, then hopefully return and have another great experience.

Catering spread at TriVision's corporate eventTriVision's team at their corporate event Corporate event managers at mixer Corporate event managers at mixerCorporate event in actioncorporate event in action


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