Your Corporate Messaging Must Create These 3 Values

Airbnb, a peer-to-peer online marketplace and homestay network that lets people rent out residential properties at the cost set by the property owner, recently released a new advertisement, communicating one of their corporate messages. The new advertisement is calling for the community to be accepting of EVERYONE.

According to Adweek, “All Airbnb users must now sign this nondiscrimination pledge, or they won’t be allowed to host or book through Airbnb. The policy states, ‘I agree to treat everyone in the Airbnb community—regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age—with respect, and without judgment or bias'”.


The value of acceptance has always been emphasized in AirBnb’s corporate messaging and they have no reason to stop spreading their positive message. It is in a corporation’s best interest to strategically push their value-driven corporate messaging whenever and wherever they can. Here are the reasons why:

Corporate Messaging reinforces your target audience’s identity.

People like to associate themselves with others who have the same mindset as they do. It’s like being friends with someone because they like the same hobbies you do. Corporate messaging builds a community around the same set of values you cherish. In the case of AirBnb, their strategy was to send a message to everyone that acceptance of everyone (regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other external factors) is a common human value that most can agree upon (however at times we may need to be reminded).

Create corporate messages that make your target audience proud to associate themselves with you.

Corporate Messaging reinforces brand identity.

When a corporate message is done well and communicated often, those tactics boost brand identity. When a corporate message is value-driven, it often creates a positive association with your company.

Corporate Messaging told as a story, stick better.

Why is it that you are more likely to remember childhood stories like The Boy Who Cried Wolf or The Three Little Pigs than a 30-page report on whatever it is you specialize in? For 27,000 years, humans have been telling stories to communicate information with one another. Stories connect people. Often, you will find a company’s background explaining why they choose to carry certain values. Blending your corporate messaging with a story will make your company memorable.

When NetRef, an end-to-end network security system for large public and private sector organizations, asked TriVision to brand their next generation of internet educational security technology, our creative team incorporated those three ideas into their corporate messaging. Keeping in mind the mission of NetRef, which is to develop outstandingly simple-to-use technology for teachers to help kids focus their online activities at school, and for parents to protect their kids’ internet browsing at home or away, we developed creative content and messaging that created a positive association with the brand, as well as identified with the audience.

Remember, values are what brings all of us together. Make sure that your corporate messaging has a value-driven approach.







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