3 Marketing Predictions for 2017

TriVision, a D.C. Marketing Agency Makes Their First Predictions

D.C Marketing Agency Prediction #1: Visual content will continue to dominate over written content

Hang on! Before you get all crazy with GIFs, written content will still be important. What I’m saying here is that visual content will be more easily read by Google and other search engines. Marketing noise is getting louder and louder with all the ways brands are trying to push their message out there. Just take a look at the increasing use of sponsored 360 degree videos and pictures that have populated the newsfeeds of Facebook users. Yes, more and more brands will try to keep up with the latest marketing tool to push their message out, and eventually the “revolutionary new tool” will become a thing of the past, adding to the clutter we already hate. But hey, don’t think of the increasing marketing clutter as a bad thing because some of the most creative innovations in the world come out of competition. This leads us to our second prediction: Sponsored ads.

D.C Marketing Agency Prediction #2: Online sponsored ads will become more attractive

Because of the focus on content marketing the past couple of years, brands have gotten better at providing value for their consumers. Take for example the sponsored video content that Buzzfeed produces. A brand can sponsor the production of a certain video that pushes the brand’s corporate message, which also provides value that audiences can take away from the video. Sponsored ads are steadily looking like regular content on the internet. Hopefully, the brand’s message is not lost due to the subtleness of the promotion.

D.C. Marketing Agency Prediction #3: Focus to retain loyal customers

Over the last few years, marketers have become increasingly eager to use new tools to capture new customers, which sometimes results in them neglecting their loyal customers. With increased competition, the best way to prevent your loyal customers from converting to your competitors’ loyal membership list is to simply not ignore them. Yes, although most marketers do keep an eye out on their loyal customers, with the increased number of tools available out there for your competitors, we will see more brands take initiatives to retain their loyal customers.

It looks like 2017 is going to be another great year for both marketers and consumers. With a new president in the White House, media will play a large role in people’s lives which only translates into more advertising dollars and more content. As a D.C. marketing agency who works with content development every day, we are excited to see what the new year has in store for us.


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