Is Your Website Design and UX Updated?

The design and user experience of your website give your brand credibility.

As part of an experiment to compare websites, we visited sites in various industries and professions, including IT, health, consultancy groups and government contracting. We were struck by the vast differences in many of them, both in regard to their user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

To explain the difference between the two, UI has to do more with how the website is laid out visually while UX design has to do more with the overall feel or experience of the website. These two functions often go hand-in-hand and are equally as important in website design and development.

A good website design often depends on how well it is aligned with your overall branding strategy. Consistency is key in building that credibility for your brand. Evidence shows that it’s within those first 5 seconds on your website, that a user will form an opinion of your brand.

The more cohesive your brand is across all marketing channels, the more familiar users become with your brand which ultimately plants the seed of trust and credibility in their mind. Other factors, such as website speed and whether or not it’s responsive, also play a role in sustaining the credibility of your brand.

Case Study

To illustrate how important it is to keep your website (and brand) updated, last year Blue Ridge Networks, a pioneer and visionary leader in cyber security, approached us to help them with a complete new branding strategy and website design.

During the initial discovery phase, we learned that although Blue Ridge Networks’ products were simple and uncompromised for over 20 years, because of their unique approach, many people didn’t understand exactly what their products did and how they differed from more common technologies like Cisco or Juniper offerings. Some who did understand it, thought “it was too good to be true.”

With a new branding strategy and revamped website, Blue Ridge Networks hoped to refine their message about their products and use the website as a hub for all their content marketing related needs. More than anything, they wanted a website where people could easily navigate and actually get excited about their products.

The TriVision design team rolled up their sleeves and worked diligently and collaboratively with the Blue Ridge Networks team to create a fresh corporate logo and branding strategy. Once the new branding was finalized, our web team was able to develop a website that was simple, sleek, and above all, easy-to-navigate.

The before and after of the Blue Ridge Networks website is remarkable (see above). The updated website design is clean, modern and consistent with their new branding and color scheme. The user experience of the website is also parallel to the client’s goals, where information is laid out in a way that users don’t have to comb through many pages to find. The new website helps communicate Blue Ridge Networks’ mission and products more clearly to their audience.

Our work with Blue Ridge Networks didn’t end there. We continue to work with Blue Ridge Networks as their marketing partner by providing creative marketing and design services for their various products and sub-brands.

So what are some steps you can take to update your website design and user interface?

Keep Your Content Fresh and Clean

In a world convoluted with clutter and information, simple is more. The less users click around to get to the information they need, the better the “user experience” will be. Content is king these days so make sure your content is relevant, concise and provides value to your audience.

Keep Up with UX Trends

Websites vying for stakeholder attention will continue to devise creative ways to attract users. This means you need to keep up with UI and UX trends in order to keep your website look and work properly. Staying oblivious of the changing digital trends is the first step in losing customers.

Make Website Security a Priority 

We hear way too often about large companies getting hacked and valuable information about their clients being compromised. Take necessary measures to make sure your website is regularly updated with the right plugins and tools to keep it secure. If users don’t feel safe using your website, they will not come back again.

Optimization is Key in Getting More Traffic

Optimization basically means using keywords on your website to ensure search engines understand your pages. Make sure you keep your keywords updated, as well as the content. If you have a new product, or opened a new location, make sure you add that to your specified pages otherwise your website will not show up when people search for you.

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