The Power of First Impressions in Marketing

As humans, we make first impressions all the time. It takes only a few seconds for someone to form an opinion about us with a first glance or first interaction, based on our appearance, body language, and demeanor.

Same goes for businesses. Most often, you remember only the very first interaction you have had with a brand, whether it was when you visited their website, contacted their customer representative or made your first purchase.

Because first impressions are so hard to undo, it is critical for organizations to take their branding, marketing, and brand management seriously to ensure a great overall brand experience for the customer.

Here are 3 ways to ensure every first new interaction with a potential client is positive:

1. Appearance of your website

Congratulations, a new user has entered your website! Now, you have just about five seconds to impress them. When users navigate your website, they make quick judgments about the overall look of your website. If images are blurry or the layout is outdated, credibility can be lost immediately because the website does not look polished and fresh. This speaks volumes when it comes to how dedicated you are to detail. You must also pay attention to the user experience of your site. If your website loads slowly or is hard to navigate through, users will quickly exit your website and move on to the next one. Below is a snapshot of a corporate identity and website refresh we designed for DataPath which revived their brand as a global communications and satellite company.

2. Brand Reputation Matters

Once you’ve captured your visitors’ attention, they will do their research on your company to see if you really live up to their expectations. Considering how much access consumers have to information these days, maintaining good reviews to uphold your brand reputation is essential in managing a positive brand reputation. On a regular basis, ask your best clients to post good reviews about their experience working with your company. Keep them engaged on your social platforms and respond to their questions quickly. Send surveys to your clients after their purchase, to not only show that you care, but to gain insight on what is working well for you and what is not. Use this information to improve your quality of product and service. Word of mouth also matters. Whether online or in person, one bad customer experience can potentially destroy five new clients. Every little step counts in keeping your reputation in check.

3. Customer Brand Experience

People will often forget what you said, but they won’t forget how you made them feel. Even with an attractive website and rave reviews, impressions don’t end there. The experience your clients take away with them is essential in keeping them around for years to come. In this phase, customers evaluate your company according to the quality of products and services you are offering, and how well your employees treat them.

Below is a marketing video we created for our client, East Gate Orthodontics, which emphasizes the importance of customer experience and the impression you leave with them once they leave your office.

By using these helpful tips, and of course offering high quality products and service, your business can achieve great success and leave a long lasting, positive impression with your customers!


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