This Years Holiday Commercials are Tugging at our Heart Strings.

Each year around this time commercials seem to take a turn for the merry! In the past, this included talking candiescomputer generated polar bears, and of course an ice skating Ronald McDonald.

Creative Marketing for the Holidays

This year, marketers have a different idea on how to reach potential customers.

You probably remember learning about ethos, logos, and pathos in English class. If not, here is a refresher. Ethos tunes in to our ethical or humane side; logos represents the logical part of our brains, and pathos makes us sad and sympathetic. If you break it down, all good advertisements should contain at least one of these qualities.

Holiday commercials seem to be all about the pathos this season. For example, the German supermarket chain Edeka is topping the charts with their emotional and slightly shocking holiday ad.

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Though the thought of having to fake your own death in order to get your family together on the holidays is a bit extreme, this commercial is certainly memorable and effective.

Sainsbury’s, a made-to-order food service in the UK also took a similar approach with an adorable semi-animated piece about a cat who both causes a house fire and saves the day.

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Another interesting factor in these ads is that they go over the typical 60 seconds that an average person would pay attention to a commercial. However, since they are emotional and captivating, we find ourselves paying attention longer than usual. This teaches us as marketers that if you do need to go over that time limit, you’re ad better be captivating and worth watching until the end.

Take a look at some other great holiday advertisements we at TriVision are enjoying this year! Let us know about some of your favorites.

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