Students Experience a Day of Work at TriVision

This past Friday, TriVision Studios hosted a group of 6th graders from J. Michael Lunsford Middle School for their annual Day at Work. On this day, students get to travel to different workplaces to get an idea of what working in a real office might be like.

Branding, Website Development, and Video Production – All in a Days Work at TriVision Creative

Now, TriVision is by no means an ordinary workplace. As a provider of creative services, including branding, web development, and video production, TriVision certainly has a lot of “cool stuff” to show these youngsters. That is why, we often are asked by local schools to give tours to students who are interested in the field of the creatives.

Northern VA Website Development | Northern VA Video Production
Chris, Sr. Web Developer at TriVision, demonstrates to students how coding works and how some of their favorite websites were created.

Students were surprised to learn that Social Media is not only one of their favorite pastimes, but also a way for big businesses to use advertising.

Northern VA Website Development | Northern VA Video Production
Klaudia, Online Web Specialist at TriVision, showed students the importance of online marketing and getting ranked high on search engines.

The students got to view some of our past video production work, learn about website development, and even participated in a contest to design their very own logos which was reviewed by our design team.

We hope these youngsters had a fun, unconventional, yet productive day as a TriVisioneer! Who knows, maybe some of these kids will come back in a few years as TriVision Interns!






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