A DC Marketing Company and the NCA are Honoring Our Veterans’ Final Resting Places through Training and Safety Video Production

The National Cemetery Administration (NCA), a sub-division of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, honors veterans and their families by keeping their resting places in national shrines and with lasting tributes that commemorate their service and sacrifice to our Nation. Currently, the NCA is responsible for the upkeep of 131 national cemeteries and nearly 3.1 million grave sites.

Since the NCA is so large they needed to develop a standardized system that spanned across all locations country-wide. With the goal to provide the most dignified burial service and tribute available to the veterans,  NCA set out to extensively train 100,000 NCA caretakers using a wide variety of tools that were developed by SRA International. TriVision Creative, a DC Marketing Company, was able to leverage video production to accomplish this goal, and excel past expectations.

DC Marketing Company

A DC Marketing Company and their Video Production Experience

One vital tool to use was training videos. The videos they already had were incomplete and contained outdated information and policies.

This is where TriVision’s expertise came into play. Over the course of several months, TriVision worked closely with NCA, SRA International, and ClicFlic in all aspects of video production to create an effective and compliant training series. This involved travel across the country to multiple locations like St. Louise and Minneapolis for days of filming plus hours of post-production. TriVision utilized their knowledge of DC brand positioning, brand strategy, and digital media to produce a unique video that the NCA was able to implement into their integrated marketing plan.

Honoring Our Veterans through Video Production

The following year, the TriVision team traveled again, this time to Florida, to produce the next series of training and safety videos for NCA. In addition, the team also filmed and edited a 30-minute caretaker orientation video that highlighted experiences from seasoned cemetery directors, foreman, and the undersecretary. The video met with critical acclaim for its unique story and in 2014 won a Telly Award for its motivational content. The video highlighted the hard work necessary to maintain the high standard of excellence the NCA follows to honor the nation’s Veterans.

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