A DC Marketing Company Disscusses Strategic Communication in Social Media

Social media, though it may seem like an abstract cloud-based being, is nothing to freak out about. It’s only difficult if you think about it too much. Just remember these three easy rules to maximize strategic communication:

A DC Marketing Company’s tips for Strategic Communications in Social Media

First things first: Understand the platform you’re communicating on. Don’t overcomplicate what you’re doing online. You don’t need to spend four weeks crafting the perfect tweet. Because, seriously, if you’re doing that you’re missing the point. And you’re wasting a lot of time.

Let’s break it down: Different sites do different things. Everything you post about your brand on Facebook won’t translate to SnapChat or Twitter or Instagram or LinkedIn. 

Marketing 101 teaches us something called Audience Analysis. We have to know when and how people on these sites are digesting our content.

Facebook is for networking, Twitter is for micro-blogging, and Instagram is for image sharing. They function separately, but when combined you can create a powerful network. A social network. Get it?

So study up before you post. Sometimes people get caught up in “Free-ness” of Social Media. But just because it’s free marketing doesn’t mean you should do it poorly. Bad marketing is just as memorable as good marketing.

Second thing: Be authentic. You and me and everyone in the whole wide world have been marketed to since we were born.  As marketing professionals, it’s our job to stop trying to give the people what they don’t want. We need to be real, to do something interesting, or say something meaningful to get on our customer’s level.

Last but not least is an often-overlooked aspect of social media, and that’s to be responsive. If someone goes out of their way to email you, make a comment, or send a direct message, be kind and reply. It’s the least you could do. Really, it is the least you could do. Replying says a lot about your brand and the people behind the conglomerate. Not replying does too.

In the end, social media is all about community. For better or worse, what you put in you’ll get back.


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