2015 has been a year of send-offs for some of our favorite shows, including The Daily Show. Last night, Jon Stewart sailed off into the sunset after his final show.

Capping a 16-year run, The Daily Show finale was one of the funniest of them all. Our lead designer and Daily Show-lover, Zainab Masumi said, “He connected the younger audience with political news. I learned a lot just by watching the show. I’m looking forward to the new host, but Jon Stewart was very special; after 16 years of watching, I’ll miss him.”

One of Stewart’s favorite brands to beef with (pun intended) was a particular fast-food sandwich chain: Arby’s. On past episodes, Stewart famously called out Arby’s for being, “shock and awe for your bowels” and “technically food.” But even for all of Stewart’s lampooning, Arby’s made a savvy move by taking opportunity to say goodbye, with a 60-second montage of Stewart’s best jokes about the brand.

Check out Arby’s goodbye below:

[youtube id=”cJz3FXjZ3Sc”]



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