A DC Marketing Agency Disscusses the Do’s and Don’t of Retention Email Marketing

Effective Email Retention Marketing

We get them almost every single day. Those emails from companies we may have only used once, or even accidentally signed up for, without ever using them at all.

As repetitive as they may be, the concept of retention emails, such as newsletters, really isn’t a bad choice for your company. For the most part, they work.

But how do you make sure your follow-up emails do not turn off customers and instead actually make them come back and buy again?

This type of email marketing is referred to as retention marketing or loyalty marketing. Retention refers to the percentage of customers that purchase again from your business.

Here are 3 examples of how retention marketing was used effectively and how you can apply it to your own marketing strategy:

1. Drive Activation

When Dropbox was first created, many businesses and individuals showed interest in the product. However, not everyone had actually made an effort to download the program.

Their solution was to send this very simple, one-page email:

DC Marketing Agency | Marketing Company DC

This simple email reminder is cute, easy-to-grasp and drives the message home to activate the product.

2. Use Content Marketing
Socialwod is a program that helps crossfit trainers keep track of their clients’ daily workouts. Its founder, Kareem Mayan, knew that his product was innovative and incredibly useful, but needed a way to convince others. He began sending out emails educating the trainers on the value of his product so they understand his product better and feel comfortable before purchasing it.

At TriVision, we do our own type of content marketing by producing a bi-weekly VLOG called The Marketing Moment, a 2-3 minute video giving tips on marketing related topics while keeping the language light and humorous. This type of indirect marketing educates our potential clients the value of marketing which over time, builds our credibility and a loyal customer base.

3. Get Your Customers’ Feedback
Amazon is a master of proper retention emailing. They make sure they find different ways to bring back clients to their website. For example, when you buy a book on Amazon, you get an email thanking you and asking you to review the product. Without being too sales-y, this brings back the customer to the Amazon site where they are exposed to more products and may purchase a new item.

We have done this too at TriVision, by emailing our client a survey after a job has been completed to get their feedback and recommendation for the future. This not only helps us improve our quality assurance, but it also drives back the customer to our website and reminds them of us.

In today’s e-commerce world, don’t underestimate the value of retention email marketing. Instead find ways to use them to your benefit. Not only will it increase your customer lifetime value but it will also drive up your overall business revenue and return on investment.

*Source: Crazyegg




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