Rebranding Tequila Through Storytelling

Through the use of storytelling, advertising agencies are rebranding tequila to be more than just that liquor that will have you forgetting your night.

Ad agencies are telling the story about the tedious process of how tequila is made in order to change people’s perception of the liquor. Many big name tequila brands, and even smaller distilleries, are craving to revamp their branding efforts to show customers that they have a more sophisticated brand than their competitors. However, branding tequila as a high-end product is not that simple.

Branding to Create Respect

One challenge of branding tequila is to erase the stigma it has with creating pounding hangovers. Hangovers and elegance do not mix. There seems to be a lack of “respect” for tequila. That is why advertising agencies are highlighting the work and dedication goes into crafting excellent tequila.  Advertising agencies are having to balance keeping the story of the scrupulous tequila-making process authentic and unique along with creating sophistication.

Tequila companies are rebranding themselves at the right moment. According to, “The latest consumption statistics illustrate that over 24 million people drank tequila in the United States as of Spring 2015”.

At Trivision Creative, we executed a branding campaign for Exodo, an ultra-premium tequila made from 100% Weber Blue Agave at the highlands of Amatitan Jalisco, Mexico.

What makes Exodo Tequila different from other tequilas in the world is that it comes in eight different flavors. When the founder of Exodo Tequila approached TriVision, he only had a name and product, but no logo, marketing or a branding strategy.

Our Creative Director, Arsalan Lutfi and his team crafted an elegant bottle and package design for Exodo Tequila to emphasize the sophistication, effort, and skill that went into making Exodo Tequila and its branding and bottle design.

DC Branding | Advertising Company DC
Product Branding and Bottle Design by TriVision Creative

Branding as a Premium

Each bottle of Exodo is designed to be truly a unique piece of art and is made by hand in Mexico City, using recycled, lead-free crystal. The elegant and distended shape of the bottle was created to also serve as an elegant decanter.

Branding Tequila as a high-end product requires a story that highlights the commitment and expertise that goes into crafting each bottle. These stories add sophistication and respect to the name of Tequila.

Tequila is not just a liquor, it is a form of art.



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