Drink It In

Welcome to Drink It In! This new weekly segment features a member of our Accounts team – Tom – and his favorite tid-bits in media this week. Armed with the Internet, every week he’s going to fill us in on some of his favorite things in digital media, advertising, and marketing. Check out his top 4 below:

1. GIFs: not just for Tumblr anymore! Facebook is finally integrating GIF capabilities into the timeline. Check Facebook GIF Support on Mashable.

2. Can Deutsch hack a drought? They’re certainly going to try! The ad agency has partnered with Global Shapers and Hack for LA to create Futureathon. Through exploration of ideas on how to reduce water usage and reclaim sustainable water, they seek to find creative solutions for California’s water problem. Adweek’s got the lowdown.

3. Go ahead and say it: you have a hard time keeping track of the news too. Instead, use Pulse. Tom calls it the best news aggregation app because of its capabilities to customize your news sources, updates, interactive media. It’s also conveniently owned by LinkedIn now so all your “personal brand’s” information integrated into it. Basically, you should use Pulse.

4. When it comes to *~synergy~*, Tom likes to organize his social media on FlipBoard. The app displays all of your accounts in a customizable way so you don’t have to switch through a handful of different apps. You should know about FlipBoard already.


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