Why Small Businesses Need a Marketing Agency

A marketing agency can do wonders for small businesses.

Whether you’re starting out a business or looking to revitalize your current marketing strategy, having the right marketing agency to guide you along can certainly help your small business grow.

People who have started a small business have a special kind of drive. The entrepreneurial spirit is what has kept America strong. Don’t think for a second that a marketing agency is only there to help out larger corporations with astronomical budgets.

With technology nowadays, an experienced marketing agency can help you reach your target audience without breaking the bank. With digital media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-clicks (Google Adwords, Facebook Business), website design and development, we are in a new age of marketing!

For example, even something as simple as having a professional marketing agency manage your social media accounts can have a huge impact on your brand. When your business’s social media looks legitimate, updated and active, it solidifies the credibility of your business. Even if you don’t have thousands of followers, as long as it looks professional and has a presence on social media, it gives your brand credibility.

What about your company’s SEO ranking? When you search online for services or products that your small business provides, are you on the first page of Google? If you’re not, then there may be a problem. What use is it to have a website when no one can find you? In this day and age of technology, SEO is what brings in business. With emerging technology popping up almost every month, it would be efficient to hire a marketing agency that is knowledgeable in trending technologies and keeps up with it.

A common question that our small business friends ask is: “Why can’t I just hire an in-house marketing manager?” You could hire one sure, but think of the cost you’re putting into one person. On top of a paying salary, small businesses may also have to pay for the marketing manager’s benefits such as insurance and time off. With a marketing agency, small businesses only have to pay for the services they need. Plus, they don’t need to spend time training people. The right marketing agency already consists of people who specialize in marketing and can focus on specific tasks such as SEO maintenance, website management, video production, social media, brand management, and more.

A marketing agency can help small businesses save money!

The Washington D.C. metro area is home to a number of fast growing small businesses including TriVision, a top Washington D.C. marketing agency with locations in downtown Washington, Northern Virginia and downtown Baltimore. For the last 20+ years, TriVision has worked closely with a number of small businesses to not only launch their brand, but also help maintain their brand value and reputation. In addition, we having helped organizations re-energize their existing marketing strategies.

One case in point is the marketing and digital media campaign we did for Bar-T. A year-round facility of programs for kids that has been around for 50 years in Maryland, Bar-T was looking to expand its services to Reston, VA. With the Silver Line Metro opening, and the area’s rapid growth and increased demand for childcare, Bar-T wanted to have a presence in Reston to provide more options for families.


Opening a new location usually requires a bit of market research and analysis. TriVision helped Bar-T create and implement an integrated marketing and PR campaign strategy for its Reston location. We provided a market profile and assessment, competitive analysis, and a positioning strategy to focus Bar-T on membership opportunities in the growing market. Additionally, TriVision offered creative consultation for Bar-T Reston’s website, as well as produced digital media which included their corporate video and a 30 second television ad. Currently we are managing their monthly SEO maintenance, as well as producing their new videos.

Numerous small businesses have launched striking marketing campaigns with the help of a marketing agency, and saved money while doing so. Will your small business do the same? We think the return on investment is definitely worth it, so long as you choose the right marketing agency to do it for you.



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