5 Major Social Media Trends in 2023

There is no question that social media is always changing. While it’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen in the future, as a digital marketing company, we have gathered some trends that are happening in the world of social media that marketers and content creators need to be aware of in 2023.

1. Authentic, Relatable Content

While trends come and go in social media marketing, authenticity always remains as a core principle. Not only is authentic content more relatable, but it also builds brand trust and makes your brand’s personality shine. Why is the rising TikTok star Alix Earle so popular? Probably the #1 reason is because she is so relatable. Although she is a rich college student who seems to be living the ultimate fun life in Miami, people of all ages and walks of life are able to connect with her easily because she is very authentic and transparent with her content. This lets her personality to shine and makes her more likeable which in turn also creates trust. Once trust is established, it enables her to influence many people with any product or brand she talks about.

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2. The Steady Rise of UGC Creators

User-Generated Content also known as UGC is original, brand-specific content created by consumers. It is when someone talks about your brand or creates content that relates to it. The creator doesn’t have to have to be an “influencer” with tons of followers and usually they don’t post the content on their own channels. Brands usually buy their content and promote it on their channels. UGC is less about the creators’ personal brand but more about the authenticity of the content and how well it is made. UGC is also less expensive and easier to manage so many  small businesses use it. Although big brands like Peloton and Thrive Market are also dipping their toes in UGC content and creators are making great income from it. A 2021 study by Stackla showed 80% of consumers say that UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions.

3. Keyword Search & SEO Dominates Social

Google has got competition. Gone are the days of people searching for a topic only on a regular search engine. So if you are a brand and want your content to get discovered on Instagram and TikTok, you better take advantage of using keywords in your posts. People are now searching for and discovering products on apps like TikTok because they are looking for more authentic, personal reviews from other customers. Even when news stories break out, many people go on these channels to look for curated, first-hand videos about that related topic. For your 2023 social media strategy, make sure to create a list of keywords you would like your brand to rank for and plan to create social content around them.

4. Video Content Becoming More Casual, Storytelling Style

Video content creation continues to be one of the most popular forms of communication on social media platforms today and this trend is likely to continue in 2023. Video allows brands to connect with their audiences in an engaging way that text simply cannot match and gives them a chance to show off their personalities in a unique way. From live streaming events such as product launches or webinars, to short snippets introducing new products and services—video has become an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. In 2023, we notice a shift towards video content becoming more casual, off-the-cuff storytelling. Even video editing has become more like telling a story. From longer-form vlogs (“A Day in the Life of”) to short, casual conversations on niche products, video content has definitely changed a lot from what it used to be. This is why UGC creators are becoming so popular because brands know people are more attracted to casual videos that tell a story in an organic way.

5. TikTok Popularity Will Continue to Grow

It is estimated that today TikTok has an estimated 835 million users worldwide. Not only has the number of users been increasing but also has the amount of time users spend on the app. The popular social media platform TikTok will continue to benefit from weaknesses across other digital media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Not only will TikTok compete directly with ad budgets that would otherwise go to companies like Google or Amazon, but there are also now new targeting options available for ads. Marketers can now target people on all kinds of different videos they have watched. For example, they can target layered identities (i.e. #TiredMoms #GymLovers).

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Among other things that has made TikTok so successful is its sophisticated algorithm which pushes curated content that it thinks might pique your interest on the “For You Page”. Unlike Facebook and  Twitter, you don’t have to have friends or followers to watch videos that pique your interest. TikTok gives you engaging content from day one which is why the possibility of a video going viral is quite high versus other social media channels, making it a playground for content creators.


Social media is constantly evolving—which means that marketers need to stay informed about emerging trends if they want to remain competitive in the market. Authenticity and relatability lie in the center of content strategy as more and more people are drawn to how authentic and transparent content creators are. Hence, the rise of UGC creators who post brand-specific content about products they use which is a less expensive and more manageable method for brands than hiring influencers. In addition, longer-form video content that are more off-the-cuff and in storytelling style are providing more value for businesses as people are more interested in hearing stories than sponsored ads. And our last social media trend, the continuous rise of TikTok is something no one is surprised about given its organic way of pushing content. Keep your eyes peeled for these upcoming trends! It’s sure to be an exciting year for social media!


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