A Northern VA Video Production Company Helps the Virginia Department of Corrections Promote Success

Video Production for Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

As part of a fund for Second Chance Act Grant for a pilot program about females in substance abuse treatment programs, the Virginia Department of Corrections (VDC) approached TriVision to create a marketing video to capture the essence of the program and promote its success.

The program provides re-entry transition services to participants through partnerships with local jails. Selected participants are relocated from prison to a local jail in their community to receive transitioning services such as life skills workshops and assistance with housing and employment. These services will strengthen public safety by better preparing them for their return to the community.

Northern Virginia Video Production Company Highlights Success

TriVision provided a pre-planning strategy, scripting, production and post-production services which resulted in a 10-minute video highlighting the program’s success. It included travel to multiple locations in Virginia to capture interviews from key program personnel as well as B-roll support footage. All the material was edited with the client at TriVision Studios.

The video was well received by the client as well as the board who reviews in-state projects and allocates future grant money. The video technically and emotionally conveys the impact of the program, which has helped reduce the recidivism rate, as well as has helped bring one-time offenders home to their families using the tools available to follow a path to a productive and fulfilling life. Because the video turned out so successful, similar video projects are being planned for the following year.

To watch the video produced by TriVision, click on the video below.

[youtube id=”QNbODzhJUBk” align=”center” mode=”normal”]


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