How to Market Yourself as a Great Leader

Great leaders lead from the heart and create an environment where others wanted to follow them because they were able to instill confidence in their leadership abilities. They demonstrate their ability to be held responsible by proving they are capable of performing the tasks and functions related to a position in life or business.

The first step to being a notable leader is navigation — knowing where it is that you are going and why you plan on going there. When your mission is clear, the end results will be satisfying. Knowing how to communicate and motivate your team is essential to keep focused on your direction for the future of your business. You have to make sure that those whom you are leading understand exactly where it is that you plan on going and how exactly you plan on getting there.

As a leader, you must market yourself as the main problem solver. If you found an issue then make sure to have at least one possible solution before presenting the problem to your team. Not having solutions makes you seem weak and ineffective. You must be able to dissect problems, direct your team to the best solution, and then delegate the work.

Let’s take Reston native, Cate Fulkerson, for example. Fulkerson, a longtime Reston Association staff member who has been serving as Acting CEO since May, has been hired as RA’s new CEO after a nationwide search.

So what makes Fulerson the best candidate? Ken Knueven, President of the RA Board of Directors says:

“She (Cate) brings with her the combination of institutional history and commitment as well as the innovative thinking and creative energy we need to ensure the future success of Reston. She epitomizes the mission of RA, which is to preserve and enhance the Reston community through outstanding leadership, service and stewardship of our resources.  We couldn’t ask for a better representative to lead RA.”

Fulkerson has spent the last 20-plus years in various positions within the association. She has been recognized for her commitment to the community as the Citizen of the Year by the Reston Citizens Association, the Volunteer of the Year by the Greater Reston Area Chamber of Commerce, the Community Service Award by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Planning Committee and many others.


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