A Strong DC Branding Strategy is Built from Within

Making an Impression in DC – Branding Strategy

Whether branding or rebranding a company, the key is to start with a strong foundation. Then, the core ideology, style, and experience should be present in every extension of the organization. This core identity is the driving force for a powerful, multi-faceted marketing campaign.

Here are three things to consider:

Start with a well-defined brand foundation.

A memorable brand is much more than a well-designed logo, and that’s because it stands for something substantial.  A brand should be defined by the organization’s identity: what it does and why.  The brand should communicate the purpose and values of a company.

The core identity of your brand will be apparent in every extension of your business, and the design should highlight that.  This establishes familiarity and trust.

See Employees as Part of the Branding Message.

Beyond the external message you are sending to the customer of what your business is all about, employees are on ground-zero making an impact on real customers.  They are a big part of the experience your business creates.  Encourage employee action that embodies the brand.

Think Chick-fil-a.  Chick-fil-a employees don’t say “you’re welcome” when you thank them.  They say, “My pleasure,” and cap it off with a smile.  Seldom does one have a bad experience with a Chick-fil-a employee.  This is internal brand strengthening.  The staff creates a warm, friendly environment that is in line with the promises of the company’s advertising.  When the experience the customer has reinforces the brand’s identity, it strengthens the brand.

Keep a Consistent Brand Identity.

Once a core identity has been established for a company, it should be apparent in all extensions of marketing.  The unique experience that is provided in-person should also be present in an online form.  The content and message of online marketing should be as calculated as the product display and interior design of a shop.  Online campaigns should have focused content that creates a consistent brand experience.  Online marketing endeavors should act as another branch of communication that reinforces the brand’s core identity.


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