Inspiration is Everywhere. Here’s an App that Allows You to Harness it.

Adobe KulerBy Sarah Weimar
SEO & Branding Specialist.

Designers and other creative minds, you’re in luck!

Adobe’s app, Kuler, allows you to gather inspiration from the world around you at any moment, with the push of a button.  That naturally beautiful color scheme that your fruit dish has?  It’s yours to use in design.

All you have to do is snap a photo of one of the many gorgeous color schemes that occur naturally around you, and it creates a custom color palette from the colors in the photo.

Now, you can store and come back to color schemes from any moment in time.

The best part?  It’s free.

To learn more about the app, click here.  If you are a fan of design, you may also like this article on web design.


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