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Logo Design and Why it Matters

A truly great logo design becomes synonymous with a companies brand, and in light of Yahoo’sofficial logo overhaul scheduled for September 5 we’ve decided to outline a few things your companies’ logo says about your brand: color edition.

A study of the world’s top logo designs found that a majority of companies, at a whopping 33% use the color blue. This is a pretty high number considering the amount of colors to choose from. 29% of companies use red and following close behind, at 28%, many companies use grey/black. Lastly, about 13% use some form of yellow or gold. While there are many variations in color usage, one thing is for certain, most companies, 95%, use only one or two colors.

Logo Design Color Break Down

Choosing a color can be tricky but following basic color psychology can help lead you down the right path. Here is a basic color breakdown:

Blue: Blue represents trust and stability. This is why a vast majority of companies use the color blue in their branding.

Purple: Purple represents creativity, mysteriousness, and sophistication. Purple can also be associated with royalty.

Red: Red is representative of action and energy. It is eye-grabbing and can evoke a passionate response. Red, however, can also be considered aggressive.

Orange: Orange is energetic, friendly, and confident. It signifies a strong work-ethic and is engaging and productive.

Yellow: Yellow is optimistic associated with warmth and motivation. Generally associated with the sun, it is the first color the eye registers.

Pink: Pink represents femininity, romance, and youthfulness. While light pinks has sentimental tones, hot pinks have high energy.

Green: Green represents nature and serenity. It can imply good health and growth. Green is often used in eco-friendly companies. Deeper greens can be associated with wealth or prestige and lighter greens are considered peaceful.

Brown: Brown represents dependability and simplicity. It is also associated with nature and strength.

Understanding the aspects of color and how they relate to your brand can help you create a durable targeted identity. We are excited to see what Yahoo plans to roll out on September 5th and we will keep you updated.


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