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Creative Marketing for a Global Provider of Secure Communications


UltiSat is a global provider of end-to-end managed networks, cyber-security capabilities, and advanced engineering and technical services, serving the unique mission requirements of government and critical infrastructure customers. The company was acquired by the global telecom company Speedcast in 2017 and briefly operated under the name Speedcast Government. In 2020, as a completely separate and independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Speedcast, Ultisat decided to update its branding and website from Speedcast Government back to UltiSat. Having previously worked with TriVision, the president and CEO of UltiSat, David Meyers, reached out to TriVision for help.


/ Branding, Logo Design, Visual Identity

/ Digital Marketing and Advertising

/ Social Media Marketing

/ Marketing Collateral Design

/ Video Production

/ Messaging and Content Strategy

/ Graphic Design and Creative Services

/ Interior Branding

/ Event Marketing and Visual Graphics

/ Marketing Collateral Design


Our design team rolled up our sleeves and worked collaboratively with the UltiSat team to create a fresh corporate logo and branding strategy. Once the new branding was approved by the client, our web team began the design and development of a website that was sleek, modern, and above all easy-to-navigate. The website involved an initial discovery phase and assessment, followed by building the content architecture and site navigation; population of supplied content with formatting and design elements, coding the dynamic/responsive pages, integration of special hover effects, animations, and videos; pre-deployment, debugging, and testing; deployment and launch; as well as post-launch support. The website also displays a corporate video produced by TriVision that captures the essence of the UltiSat’s brand and mission as soon as visitors land on the homepage.

With a new corporate identity and revamped website, UltiSat is able to effectively tell their story and communicate their message to the world. The new website not only enhances their brand, but more importantly, enables people to easily navigate and learn about their services. The user experience of the new website is now parallel to the client’s goals, where information is laid out in a way that users don’t have to comb through multiple pages to find what they are looking for.

TriVision continues to work with UltiSat as their creative marketing partner by providing ongoing services and support for their website, social media, video productions, marketing collateral, content strategy, interior branding and event marketing.


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