The National Cemetery Administration Honors Veterans and Their Families


NCA honors veterans and veterans families

The National Cemetery Administration honors Veterans and their families with final resting places in national shrines and with lasting tributes that commemorate their service and sacrifice to our Nation. NCA currently maintains nearly 3.1 million gravesites at 131 national cemeteries. The National Cemetery Administration has entered into a commitment with veterans and their families to provide the most dignified burial serviceand tribute available. Because the scope of the NCA includes 131 national cemeteries, they developed a detailed series of operational standards and measures to train caretakers how to appropriately maintain their cemetery and retain a uniformity of customer service nationwide.

One vital component of the training that was very much out of date was the video. As such, funding was made available for a series of training videos, divided by topic, to be used as a training tool for the caretakers. Such topics included the interment process, vehicle maintenance, facilities maintenance, grounds maintenance, and setting and maintenance of headstones, markers, and niche covers.

TriVision worked closely with NCA, SRA International, and ClicFlic in all aspects of production over several months to create an effective and compliant training series. In addition to script consultation and shot list development, we shot video on-location at multiple national cemeteries, and provided all post-production (including editing, voice over narration, motion graphics and visual effects, and DVD authoring and mastering). TriVision also produced, videotaped, and edited a 30 minute caretaker orientation video that highlighted experiences from seasoned cemetery directors, foreman, and the under secretary.

The series has integrated with the current caretaker training program and the reviews are extremely positive. The use of out-dated material previously was taking away from the training experience and these new videos provide caretakers with a much better understanding of what is required of them as maintainers of our veteran’s final resting places. TriVision has since produced and completed a new video component to the series focusing on Winter Operations at National Cemeteries.

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