Mobilization Without Losing Momentum

Though more and more companies are embracing the mobile office, but many remain hesitant; managing remote workers comes with a new set of challenges for business owners.

With offices in four different locations, mobile work is part of TriVision’s fabric. The range of our clientele frequently takes us from Washington DC in the morning to Chantilly in the afternoon (and possibly back again). Flexibility and-forward thinking have been key factors in successfully mobilizing our workforce when it’s necessary.

Working from home breaks down the sometimes rigid “butts-in-seats” business model, but the freedom can generate anxiety for managers – how do we know if people are doing what they say they’re doing?  The answer lies in hiring the right people. Not everyone can work remotely and not everyone can manage a remote team. It’s important to assemble a team that you not only believe can thrive in a remote environment, but one that you trust can.

Additionally, there are tools like Basecamp, Zapier, and Skype that help remote teams thrive. Without these tools, mobilization would be much more challenging and could halt workflow.

Embrace the new wave of work! It could be the shake-up your company needs.



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