What’s in Store for Facebook’s Future?

If you talk to millennials or Generation Z, you may have heard that Facebook is NOT their preferred platform, but they still go on it for the content.  These days, you will hear that younger generations are enjoying visually heavy content seen on Instagram and Snapchat among other apps as their way to stay connected. But don’t count Facebook out just yet.

Most millennials and Generation Z like the different features Facebook offers such as, event creation, joining like-minded groups to share thoughts, and even watching live streams of their favorite content creators.

The many features Facebook offers are the reason why it is still the most visited among all the social medias by a large amount- as shown in the chart below:


However, some people are worried about are the coming changes to Newsfeeds. Mark Zuckerberg posted that Facebook will facilitate “less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard — it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.” How this will play out on Facebook feeds across the country remains to be seen as Zuckerberg explained the changes will take months to roll out.

So how do marketers navigate these constantly developing and changing social media trends?  The answer is two-fold:

Do what the kids are doing. 

Establish a presence on up and coming platforms by making company accounts and building a brand, or by paying influencers to advertise to their already established fan base.  Realize that this platform has younger users and adapt accordingly.

Don’t give up on teaching the old dog new tricks.

Facebook is well established and an important marketing tool.  It is evolving in how it is used and in what it has to offer.  Only by understanding the changes can you target your audience correctly.

At TriVision it is our job and exciting challenge to understand the many uses of Social Media today but also where it is going.  Our talented professionals work in the field day in and day out to provide high quality advice and strategy for our client’s social media presence.

People will continue to chatter about Facebook’s demise coming soon, but we think Facebook’s best days are ahead of them.


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