Washington DC Listed Amongst Best U.S. Cities to Look for a Job

Using information from Business Insider, looked at 362 metropolitan areas in the US and ranked them based on the state of their job markets. They considered job creation and unemployment rates, as well as growth rates in wages. Further, they made a measurement of how diverse the regional economy is based on the variety of occupations in the area, and how evenly those jobs are distributed.

For more details on the methodology and sources of the data, click here.

Washington D.C was ranked #6 overall!  They found that the nation’s capital – and, of course, our home – is also home to a well-oiled economy that includes the federal government and their contractors. These two groups alone are huge employers in the metro area. As of June 2015, Business Insider found that average weekly wage of metro area employees ($1,154) was the fifth highest in the country.

Not bad! Way to keep making us proud, DC.


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