Nail Your Next Presentation

In the world of advertising and marketing, delivering a killer presentation is a crucial skill. Standing up in front of a group of people to justify your creative choices is daunting to say the least, however the ability to do so is less about channeling your inner JFK or MLK than it is about being your authentic self. The idea is to act like yourself without the fear and anxiety that commonly comes with speaking in public

But how do you mitigate fear and anxiety? Gina Barnett, an executive communication coach who frequently coaches TED talkers, says that breathing, positive thinking, and lots of practice are key.

Do you remember the last time you watched someone bomb on stage?  It’s painful and uncomfortable to watch, and not ideal for anyone. When you’re presenting, remember the audience is not the enemy. They want you to succeed, they want to enjoy and be interested in what you’re saying. It’s the unavoidable truth that you’ll be judged, and sometimes harshly or unfairly, but instead of fixating on the audience, Barnett recommends reminding yourself why you’re there to begin with: “They need to hear what I have to say. That’s why they’re in the room.”

The next time you’re giving a big presentation just focus and settle in. Remember to practice beforehand, that your audience wants to love you and your ideas, and that you’re there for a reason. It also wouldn’t hurt to wear a pair of lucky pink pants.



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