Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2018

1. Billboards are Back!

Between location tracking on phones and cookies that trace your movements on the web, it is now easier than ever before for marketers to understand their audience and cater exactly to their interests. For example, some high-tech Billboards can capture data such as, who was in the vicinity to see it and then how many people went on to purchase something they saw.

2. Interactive Live Streams

HQ, a trivia game is one of the hottest apps that launched in August 2017. It allows all viewers to participate for cash prizes twice a day. Although HQ is allegedly not featuring any brands or sponsored questions, its popularity shows that there is a desire to interact and compete live online.  We’re sure that other businesses will look to engage their audience in a similar manner this year.

3. Podcasts

One steadily growing avenue for content marketing are podcasts.  Podcasts create an educated and loyal fanbase who consume content regularly. The caveat is that there are over half a million active podcasts to compete against.  We believe podcasts can be a lucrative strategy in 2018. Just make sure your content can rise above the noise.

4. Employee Brand Advocates

Paid influencers will continue to be a common avenue marketers use in 2018. Jointly, marketers should consider utilizing their employees as brand advocates. While employees are establishing their own brand on various social media accounts, they can advocate for their company in a win-win for everyone.

Regardless of where the year will take us, every marketer’s first priority should be to listen.


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