Online Videos Can Save Your Life

We’ve all likely experienced visiting a website where where we have been drowned with information overload: pages and pages, blocks of text pounding us with data and information.

Let’s face it: nobody wants to dig through a website to “look for” the information they need, when they can easily go to a website where they find what they’re looking for right away. 

This problem can be easily solved by adding online videos to your website and social media platforms. Not only are online videos aesthetically pleasing, but they can reach and educate your audiences about your product or service more effectively. Here are three reasons why we think online videos are needed for your website:

1) Online videos are easy to consume.

According to the Fast Company article “Why We’re More Likely to Remember Content with Images and Video.” People retain 80% of information they see versus only retaining 20% of information they read.

That’s huge! Let’s put it this way: would you rather read the script of an action movie, or watch it play out before your eyes? The same concept can apply by adding videos to your website. There are many instances where organizations try to explain complex topics to their public, but fail to get their message across. Your audiences are more likely to understand and actually enjoy watching videos that break down complex topics into consumable information.

Here is a case study showcasing how we used creative tactics to break down loads of information into easy-to-understand video pieces for one of our clients:

2) Online videos actively engage audiences.

Don’t tell them, show them. By adding an online video to your website, you make it easier for visitors to SEE what your organization can do for them. People want organizations to prove what they can do for them, before they pick up the phone and call. A picture (in this case, one video) is worth more than a thousand words.

Examples are  shown on our website including several videos showing our media production capabilities:

3) Website videos can be shared.

People will share videos because they believe the content will be useful to others, or strengthen their own personal brand. Make it easy for people who visit your website to share your website videos. You never know, if it’s engaging enough, it may go viral.

As an example, we created a PSA video for Prince George’s County Office of Emergency Management called Notify Me explaining a tool that increased public safety. This video is easily shareable because it educates audiences with critical information about preparedness, response and recovery in case of emergency.

In this instance, when crucial information needs to be communicated to the public, especially in an emergency situation, online videos can get the job done and actually help save lives.


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