Drink It In #4


This week is about trends. What’s trendy in marketing, advertising, and branding. So let’s sum up this week with some fun stats. Like, seriously. Who doesn’t love stats? I love stats. You should too.

Okay, here we go:

Ever-reliable AdWeek provides us with two things: A fairly epic and tasteful rendering of President Obama, but also with a nice “This Week in Numbers” article about what’s going on in the world of marketing and advertising. For example, Instagram has added more news-like features to its app. Stuff like that is cool. Cool may be the wrong word. But like, who cares. Check it out here.

I thought this was interesting:

Brands Must Be Transparent on Data-Tracking: Study 

This article actually talks about the LACK of a necessary trend that should be happening right now in the ad world. It’s about data privacy and information gathering. More specifically, gathering the information of consumers (AKA: you). Basically, big companies and brands are missing a major opportunity to establish their credibility in terms of data integrity. “Companies who want long-term relationships with their customers and consumers need to think deeply about whether the way they use data reflects their brand values,” said Susan Etlinger, industry analyst at Altimeter. Yeah, given the Matrix-like world we live in, this is the next step in brand trust.

Cannes Lions has just wrapped up. Here’s a good summary on some MORE trends identified at the festival year:

Mobile Ad Tech Takes Center Stage at Cannes Lions Festival

The main mantra for the leading companies seems to be creating simplicity in the midst of complexity. Whatever that means. It basically means that among all the noise of the current advertising world, finding the right voice for your product is the most important thing in order to stay ahead. Keep that in mind. I sure am.


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